Carl Buckley, Chambers Director at Guernica 37, is a Barrister with an established international practice. As a former solicitor, he spent the first 10 years of his career specialising in domestic crime, representing individuals across the full spectrum of offences, from driving matters, to murder and terrorism.

Carl also successfully developed and headed one of the largest prison law departments in the country, specialising in life sentence/IPP prisoners, and associated Human Rights claims, including the rights of citizens detained abroad.

Having transferred to the Bar, Carl is now instructed by individuals, NGOs, and foreign Governments, advising on issues such as Judicial Reform, international crime investigations, international human rights, claims to the UN system of protection, and the submission of complaints in various jurisdictions under the principles of Universal Jurisdiction.

Carl still retains an interest in domestic human rights issues, particularly the rights of victims, the right to privacy, and associated human rights actions before domestic courts, and the European Court of Human Rights.

Carl is a regular contributor to a number of media outlets, including Al Jazeera, authoring articles, and commentating on various human rights issues internationally.

Carl is Direct Access qualified, and able to appropriate instructions direct from members of the public.

Current instructions include:

  1. Along with other members of Chambers, instructed by an international NGO, to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Libya.  Two Article 15 communications have been submitted to the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court on the issue so far;

  2. Part of the team representing Mr. David Haigh, the former Chairman of Leeds United Football Club, detained and tortured in Dubai;

  3. Part of the team instructed by the Government of Pakistan, tasked with an investigation into money laundering and corruption;

  4. Part of the team instructed to represent Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, an opposition political party, members of which have been tried before the International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh;

  5. An instruction to investigate allegations of crimes against humanity and torture being committed in the Egypt; and

  6. Investigation of allegations of torture being committed in the UAE.


Notable past instructions include:

  1. Contributing author to the amicus curiaebrief, requesting a Presidential pardon for Chelsea Manning, granted by President Obama at the end of his term of office;

  2. Filing of submissions to the UN Commission of Inquiry following Operation Protective Edge in Gaza;

  3. Training of Palestinian Lawyers in Jerusalem;

  4. Instructed by Dr. Mohamed Morsi, former President of Egypt, to file a submission with the UN Working Group on Arbitrary detention, and other relevant special rapporteurs.

  5. Part of the legal team advising on the Syrian  ‘Caesar’ evidence;

  6. Previously instructed with other members of Chambers, by the Government of the Maldives, to advise on Judicial and Legislative reform.

  7. Complaint to SO15 at the Metropolitan Police under the principle of Universal Jurisdiction, concerning a British citizen imprisoned and tortured abroad.


Full CV available on request.

Carl can be contacted through, or via Chambers phone number.