The Guernica Centre for International Justice is a unique not-for-profit organisation that holds a strategic alliance with two international law entities: Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers, based in London and dedicated exclusively to comprehensive international legal work; and the Centro G37 para la Justicia International y los Derechos Humanos, based in Madrid and specialising in international criminal law, universal and extraterritorial jurisdiction.   


Together, the three organizations comprise The Guernica Group.  This unique partnership is based on shared values and a common vision on enhancing accountability for atrocities, whilst maintaining the independence of each of the associated entities. The rare grouping allows The Guernica Centre to benefit from the experience, methods, practices and expertise of its legal partners, as it responds to the challenges and demands of protecting victims’ rights in different global settings.  This novel structure grants The Guernica Centre access to unparalleled legal counsel and other professionals needed to conduct successful national and international legal efforts on behalf of victims. 


The Guernica Centre cements this alliance by upholding a victim-centered focus, ensuring a holistic approach to legal representation, and undertaking programmatic activities aimed at promoting non-recurrence of violations (through local and global advocacy, and changes in law and policy).  The partnership augments the Centre’s versatility, flexibility and proficiency when responding to diverse and multi-faceted projects and cases.  The Guernica Centre’s legal associates provide a stable and skillful platform that supports its endeavours.