Guided by a desire to foster public debate on the fight against impunity and the defence of human rights, The Guernica Group is proud to launch “The Guernica Guest”, a new section on our website and a new YouTube including a series of interviews giving a voice to human rights defenders, providing them with a platform to talk about their work and to share their unique vision and opinion.  


We will publish our Guernica Guest interviews on a periodic basis, covering highly topical issues of utmost concern and relevance in the field of international criminal justice. We will listen to experts from different parts of the world where Guernica is developing its accountability work and transformative legal activities. From the transitional movements in Latin America or West Africa, to crimes committed in the Syrian conflict or the South Asian justice processes. 


In each interview, we will invite our Guests to not only explain their mission and the particularities and of the work they lead, but also reflect on the strength of international mechanisms of universal justice; as well as on transitional justice strategies, drawing comparative lessons between the experiences of different countries and regions.


We hope that this section helps build awareness about the urgent and exemplary work that our friends and colleagues are pioneering at the forefront of international accountability strategies, and open the international conversation about the need to guarantee truth and justice to the victims as a requisite to close collective wounds, reconcile communities with its past and drive social transformations.

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Rodrigo Lledo

To open our series we will listen to Rodrigo Lledó, a Chilean human rights lawyer who headed the legal team of the Human Rights Program of Chile’s Minister of Justice until 2016.

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Joan Garcés

Guernica speaks with Joan Garcés, one of the lawyers who led the prosecution of General Augusto Pinochet before the Spanish National Court in 1998, a pioneering initiative that pushed for the global development of international law in national courts.