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At the request of a Libyan-Swiss non-profit organization seeking to support Libyan victims in exile, called The Human Rights Solidarity Network, Guernica lawyers compiled a detailed evidence-based investigative report on the commission of crimes against humanity in Benghazi, Libya by Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar and military forces under his command.

In November 2017, our lawyers filed a preliminary investigative report with the ICC Office of the Prosecutor with a view to an investigation being formerly opened. Guernica organised a legal seminar and press conference in The Hague to publicize the report and raise public awareness about the alleged criminal responsibility of Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar and the need for the ICC to initiate in-depth investigations on the specific facts submitted in the communication. The filing attracted widespread international attention and was publicized in numerous media outlets, including The New York Times. We have also been in touch and assisted groups trying to initiate national legal actions, including in the US. 

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