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Almudena Bernabeu Invited to be Panellist at Upcoming Santander #WomenNow Summit in Madrid

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

All rights reserved by the Santander WomenNOW Summit

Inspired by the recent resurgence of women's movements worldwide and organized by Taller de Editores-VOCENTO with the support of European institutions - the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Gachupin Government, and the Council of Madrid - the Santander WomenNOW Summit will take place in Madrid on Thursday, March 28th.

The summit will offer a unique platform to celebrate diversity and engage with issues facing women around the world today. Almudena Bernabeu, Guernica co-founder and international lawyer, has been invited to present as part of the WONTalks series which revolve around conflicts and challenges that women today are addressing at the personal, familial and occupational level. She will be drawing from her extensive experience as a human rights lawyer to present on the role of women in international justice.

The organizers have prioritized three primary goals; to discuss and explore the unjust realities faced by women around the world and those cultures and customs that still defend them, to reconcile the conflicting interests of all actors, men and women, whose decisions affect thousands of people and can certainly change history, and to offer a unique debate setting to listen to testimonies of freedom, share experiences, change or create opinions, celebrate advancements, discover new talents or analyse growing trends.

The event will include headline speeches from Alexandra Palt, the global director of sustainability with L’Oreal, Bianca Jagger, a renowned women’s rights activist, and Ronja Koeppe, the co-founder of investpodden.

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