• Toby Cadman

Commemoration of the 29th Anniversary of the Jesuit massacre in El Salvador

Today, 16 November 2018, we commemorate the anniversary of the massacre of six Jesuit priests, Elba and Celina at the University of Central America in El Salvador at the hands of the Salvadoran military. 

Twenty-nine years after this heinous crime, we remember the victims, their relatives and all the people of El Salvador with the hope that our work will contribute to ending the impunity that despite all efforts has characterized the reality in El Salvador.  After the successful extradition to Spain of former colonel and Deputy Minister for Public Security, Inocencio Orlando Montano, we at Guernica, along with our national partners and the Spanish Association Pro Human Rights (, continue our work towards the trial that we expect will start in late 2019. 

From the Guernica Group, we believe that it is essential for the international community to continue supporting international mechanisms, based on the principle of Universal Justice, aimed at pursuing accountability for international crimes committed in any part of the World. We share this mission with our partners of the Platform “Universal Justice Now!”

(JusticiaUniversalYa!) and with all the practitioners that are working every day, using the legal tools at their disposal, to defend victims’ rights in the face of a context of increasing impunity.

Image: Johan Bergström-Allen - Archbishop Romero Trust



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