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Guernica signs Memorandums of Understanding with the Colombian transitional system

Almudena Bernabéu —co-founder and co-director of The Guernica Group—, with Patricia Linares —President of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) — and María del Pilar Bahamón Falla —JEP’s Executive Secretary—.

Guernica has signed Memorandums of Understanding with both the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) and the Truth Commission (CEV) in Colombia. During the past three years, our organization has worked alongside victims of the armed conflict and developed investigative strategies that resulted in the filing of six reports to bring the voice of victims to the center of the country's reconciliation efforts.

Almudena Bernabéu with Carlos Beristain —Commissioner of the Truth Commission—.

Almudena Bernabéu expressed gratitude to Patricia Linares, President of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, and Carlos Beristain, Commissioner of the Truth Commission: “signing these Memorandums marks an important milestone in our work in Colombia. It is both a great honor and an immense responsibility” –said Mrs. Bernabéu.

Almudena Bernabéu and Patricia Linares talk during the event at the JEP headquarters.

These Memorandums are not only a recognition of the efforts and contributions made by Guernica during these years, but an opportunity to embark upon new challenges and projects in order to defend the rights of victims and ensure their effective participation in the transitional process.

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