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The following media round up of international legal and foreign policy issues from around the world for the week of 7 January - 14 January 2019.

The Guernica Group will provide weekly media updates from the International Criminal Court, European Court of Human Rights, United Nations, European Union and other sources. Should you wish to contribute or submit a media summary, opinion piece or blog, please send to Nenad Vucijak for consideration.



Nigeria raids paper, arrests journalists over Boko Haram coverage SUDAN 7 JANUARY 2019

Sudan arrests Khartoum University lecturers amid fresh protests CONGO 7 JANUARY

DR Congo: Restore internet services as 'a matter of urgency', urges UN expert INDIA 8 JANUARY 2019

India's Supreme Court reinstates CBI chief removed by government IRAN 8 JANUARY 2019 Iran hit with sanctions after being blamed for killing dissidents SAUDI ARABIA 8 JANUARY 2019

UNHCR investigates Rahaf al-Qunun's case for asylum VENEZUELA 8 JANUARY 2019

Military personnel, relatives tortured in Venezuela: HRW THAILAND 9 JANUARY 2019  Thailand Should Return Football Player Refugee To Australia, Not Bahrain DR CONGO 9 JANUARY 2019 Riot police deployed at DRC electoral body before vote result GAMBIA 9 JANUARY 2019 Gambia reconciliation process to look into former leader's abuses SUDAN 10 JANUARY 2019 A Bloody Day of Protest in Sudan INDIA 10 JANUARY 2019 India's CBI chief fired 48 hours after being reinstated by court AFGHANISTAN 10 JANUARY 2019 Taliban kills dozens of Afghan forces as peace efforts continue US 11 JANUARY 2019 Trump won't declare national emergency over border 'right now' BRAZIL 11 JANUARY 2019 Voice for Reason Silenced in Brazil’s Maelstrom of Violence MEXICO 11 JANUARY 2019 Mexico death toll in two days of 'gang violence' reaches 29 FLORIDA 12 JANUARY 2019 Florida pardons wrongly accused 'Groveland Four' after 70 years BERLIN 12 JANUARY 2019 'Not just horror and crime': Parallel worlds in Berlin's Neukolln SAUDI ARABIA 12 JANUARY 2019 Saudi Woman Had Courage, Perseverance and Global Support VENEZUELA 13 JANUARY 2019  Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido briefly detained INDIA 13 JANUARY 2019 India security forces open fire at Kashmir funeral, 11 injured UK 13 JANUARY 2019 Protesters march ahead of voting on Brexit deal in UK Parliament INDONESIA 13 JANUARY 2019 Indonesia's danger zone: Construction starts over buried bodies

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