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Toby Cadman Training Syrian Lawyers as part of IBAHRI's Human Rights Workshop in Bosnia

Toby Cadman, Head and Co-founder of Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers and Member of The Guernica Group, took part in a training workshop on UN Human Rights Mechanisms with Syrian judges and lawyers in Sarajevo, Bosnia. During this legal training, Toby worked alongside Ibrahim Olabi, Guernica 37 pupil and founder of the SLDP Syrian Legal Development Programme البرنامج السوري للتطوير القانوني; and Natacha Bracq, IBAHRI's Programme Lawyer.

The workshop was organized by the IBAHRI and it continues this week with training on universal jurisdiction and accountability mechanisms led by Toby Cadman, Natacha Bracq and Anwar Al Bounni (Syrian Center for Legal Researches and Studies @AnwarAlBounni).

According to Toby, this training is “an excellent opportunity to address violations of international human rights law (IHRL) and international humanitarian law (IHL) committed in Syria, activate coordinated actions before international institutions and bring Syria and Bosnia—two regions that have suffered the impact of the most heinous international crimes —together”.

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