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U.S. Supreme Court denies former Salvadoran colonel Montano’s latest request for extraordinary stay

The Guernica Group’s legal team confirms that Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts has denied former Salvadoran colonel Inocente Orlando Montano’s latest request for an extraordinary stay. The U.S. Secretary of State’s office previously signed the surrender warrant authorizing Montano’s extradition. The Chief Justice’s decision exhausts all of Montano’s avenues for appeal and ratifies that the next step is colonel Montano’s extradition to Spain to face trial for the November 16, 1989 massacre of six Jesuits priests, their housekeeper and her 15-year-old daughter in El Salvador.

After nine years of intense legal work, we are thrilled with the outcome and moved by the privilege to work on behalf of the victims’ families these past years. We note that the decision today and the impending extradition come as we remember the 28th anniversary of the massacre – a horrible crime that long has demanded that those responsible, at the highest levels of the Salvadoran military, be held to account.

Image by: AnaLi197

Guernica will issue its press release as soon as we confirm all the details regarding the extradition.  We will be available for comment about it and about the forthcoming judicial process before the Spanish National Court.

Thank you,

The Guernica Group Team

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