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  • Ned Vucijak

Video: The Guernica Group's reflections on the justice crisis featured in Basque local media

On October 17, The Guernica Group celebrated its three-year anniversary with a panel discussion to reflect on the search for accountability in times of crisis. The event took place in Gernika-Lumo as a homage to the victims of one of the most heinous war crimes committed in modern history; victims whose search for justice inspired our Group’s identity. 

We had the invaluable support of the Gernika Peace Museum Foundation and the Gernika Gogoratuz - Peace Research Centre, whose members illustrated us about the work that is being undertaken by the museum to deliver and spread the important messages of truth-telling, reconciliation and transitional justice. 

Today, the Basque media Oizmendi has published a video summarizing the event that is now available online: