Weekly Update from The Special Jurisdiction of Peace

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

07 December - 14 December

For The Guernica Group, the work developed by the Integral System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and No Repetition (SIVJRNR) of Colombia is essential to carry out and consolidate the Peace Accord. Victims are the central pillar and the guarantee for the need to define the truth and ensure accountability for key episodes of violence committed during the armed conflict, as the basis of long-lasting reconciliation. The Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) has the potential to develop new legal precedents that could reshape the work of international criminal lawyers and generate a valuable legacy for the whole Latin American region.

Accordingly, The Guernica Group will provide weekly media updates from the Special Jurisdiction for Peace in order to expand the JEP’s outreach and generate debate around the cases, the judicial proceedings and the procedures of the different Chambers. The summary of the news will be published in both English and Spanish, and will include links to the relevant articles:

AWARD OF THE APDHE: The President of the JEP, Patricia Linares; The Director of the Search Unit for Persons Disappeared, Luz Marina Monzón and Francisco de Roux, President of The Truth Commission, received on Thursday 13th December, in Madrid the International Human Rights Award 2018 from the Pro-Human Rights Association of Spain ( APDHE) . The award was delivered to each of them in the midst of a great ovation by Carlos Castresana, Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Spain and Member of the Board of the APDHE.

Castresana, praised the Integral System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition created in Colombia, and those who have had the courage to champion its Institutions.

He went on to praise the enormous challenge that can face a Country, within which almost a quarter of the society has been victim of the armed conflict.

The Prosecutor, Castresana, highlighted the developments achieved by the JEP, which in just 8 months has already achieved the submission of about 10,000 former members of the Farc and 2000 members of the Security Forces. The President of the JEP expressed that she received the Award on behalf of the 38 Magistrates of the Jurisdiction and said that this recognition strengthens the responsibility of the System with the Victims, with Colombian Society and with the International Community that is supporting the Process. The Prize is Awarded by the APDHE, a Secular, Independent and Pluralist Entity, founded 42 years after Franco’s death. Since then, The APDHE has worked with the aim of spreading and promoting Human Rights in Spain and the rest of the World.

This recognition is in addition to the support that the Spanish Government has repeatedly expressed with regards to the Peace Process in Colombia and which was ratified today by Juan Pablo de La Iglesia, Secretary of State for International Cooperation for Latin America and the Caribbean, in the conversation “The Peace Model and Justice of Colombia”, which took place in the morning at Casa de América, Madrid, which counted on the participation of the winners.

Presidenta de la JEP recibió Premio Internacional de la Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos en España; 13 December 2018, access at;ó-premio-internacional-de-la-Asociación-Pro-Derechos-Humanos-de-España.aspx

LAND DISPOSSESSION REPORT: The Forjando Futuros Foundation provides the JEP with reports on “Displacement, Forced Abandonment and Dispossession of Land in Colombia” and “ Companies, Displacement and Dispossession of Lands in Colombia” on Land Dispossesion in Colombia. At least 33 Companies, including Argos (Fiducor S.A), Bancolombia and State- owned Ecopetrol, acquired land, obtained concessions for mining titles or mortgages on properties owned by Victims of the Colombian Armed Conflict.

Entregan a Justicia para la Paz Informes sobre despojo de Tierras en Colombia; 8 December 2018, access at:

VICTIMS OF URBARÁ: Four organisations gave a report on the violence that took place in the region and also in Bajo Atrato. They assure that the dispossession reached two million hectares and reaffirm their allegations of alliances between the military, paramilitaries and businessmen. In these two regions there are farmers who felt forced to sell each hectare (10,000 square meters) of land at 60,000 pesos. They say they were threatened by the Paramilitaries: “ Either you sell it, or your widow will do it instead, ” they were told. After the entry of the Peasant Self- Defence, Forces of Córdoba and Urbará, on December 20 1996, thousands left their lands.

Depositamos nuestra confianza en la JEP : Víctimas de Urbará; 13 December 2018, access at:

GUARDIANSHIP FOR JEP DECISIONS ON EXTRADITION TO BE APPEALABLE: Considering that in every Judicial Process there should be a Second Instance, the Attorney General’s Office placed a Guardianship against a decision of the JEP Review Section, according to which, the decisions taken by this Court within the Procedure of the Guarantee of non-extradition are not subject to appeal. The JEP Review Board made that decision by resolving a request from Pedro Luis Zuleta Noscué aka “ The Invalid” indigenous to the Nasa Community of Northern Cauca, who was the finance Chief of the Sixth Front of the Farc and whom the United States have requested that he be extradited for cocaine trafficking to that Country.

Tutela para que Decisiones de la JEP sobre Extradición sean apelables; 8 December 2018, access at:

VICTIMS OF THE ARMED CONFLICT WILL EMBRACE THE JEP: Within the framework of the International Day and the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on Monday, December 10, Victims of the armed conflict across the Country will embrace the façade of the JEP with their stories represented in huge handmade fabrics. The looms of the Costureo de la Memoria will cover the façade of the JEP until Monday 17th December 2018.

Nuestra Memoria abraza a JEP, dicen víctimas del conflicto, 10 December 2018, access at:,-dicen-v%C3%ADctimas-del-conflicto.aspx

LACK OF RESOURCES FOR DEMOBILIZED FARC IN THE NORTH OF SANTANDER: The continuity of the productive projects in Caño Indio is expected. Until 30th December, the resources that the National Government has allocated for the members of the FARC Front 33 to continue the process to civil life are guaranteed. It is sought that the 80 men who are concentrated in the path Caño Indio, may remain there. The farm where the members of the Farc are located is worth approximately 90 million pesos.

Faltan recursos para desmovilizados de las Farc en el Norte de Santander; 7 December 2018; access at:

EL “ PAISA” : The declaration of Timochenko: FARC leader Rodrigo Lodoño offers to bring justice to peace to the former ringleader, Hernán Darío.

El Lider de partido Farc se ofrece a traer justicia de paz al ex-cabecilla “El Paisa”; 11 December 2018: access at :

STATEMENT BY THE ATTORNEY GENERAL: Fernando Carrillo announced that if Hernán Darío Velásquez does not appear before the JEP to be judged for the events that took place in the context of the conflict, his case must go back to ordinary justice.

El paisa debe comparecer ante la JEP o pasará a Justicia Ordinaria; 11 December 2018, access at:

MINDEFENCE: Guillermo Botero will deliver information from “ El Paisa” to the JEP.

Mindefensa entregará información de ‘ El Paisa’ a la JEP; 10 December 2018, access at:

LAW OF PUBLIC ORDER: This law is under debate in Congress. However, on Tuesday, December 11, during the plenary session of the House of Representatives, modifications were contemplated that were not in the initial craft, such as giving the Government the power to request the reactivation of the arrest warrants against former FARC members, who in theory dropped their arms after the Peace Process. This consists of the fact that ‘ exceptionally and for reasons of security or public interest, the National Government may request the corresponding authority of the ordinary jurisdiction to reactivate the arrest warrants that have been suspended’

According to the representative’s initiative, those who are affected by this measure would have a term of 30 years to appear before the Special Jurisdiction for Peace ( JEP). Failing to do so, the ordinary justice could ask for his arrest and put the detained person at the disposal of this Court.

El “ mico “ en la Ley de Orden Publico que permitiría capturar a “ El Paisa” ; 12 December 2018, access at:

INVESTIGATIONS OF THE PUBLIC FORCE BEFORE THE JEP: The Attorney General, Fernando Carrillo Flórez, on December 11, delivered to the JEP 1588 disciplinary proceedings, of which 733 are active until January 31, 2018, against members of the Army, the National Navy and the Police, that allegedly would be linked in the armed conflict. It has investigated 650 deaths presented as “ casualties”, 23 attacks or affectations to personal freedom, 21 concerning physical damage or psychological suffering and 17 cases that are still to be determined. From the JEP, the Judge of the Room of Recognition and Truth, Julieta Lemaitre, celebrated the delivery of the report because the control entity, “ is an institution with memory” of all the acts that have been committed within the framework of the conflict.

Procuraduría entregó a la JEP investigaciones de la Fuerza Pública, 11 December 2018; access at:

EXTRADITION OF YOUNES AND GÓMEZ: The JEP decided not to process the request for the non-extradition of Fabio Simón Younes Arboleda and Armando Gómez Spain, linked to the case of former Guerrilla fighter Jesús Santrich for which he was captured when accused by the United States of allegedly conspiring to send cocaine to that country. Although the review section refrained from processing this figure contemplated in the transitional Justice System designed in the peace agreement, the procedure of “ The guarantee of non-extradition” of both applicants was forwarded to the courtroom. Amnesty and pardon from the same JEP, so that it valuates their respective requests of submission to that system. The review section to refrain from knowing the matter is of the opinion that although there is an extradition request, the requirement of competence on a personal level that is, belonging to the FARC, is not met.

JEP no estudiará extradición de Younes y Gómez ligados a caso Santrich, 11 December 2018, access at:

SANTRICH: The Administrative Court of Cundinamarca, in ruling on a Guardianship filed by the FARC Senator Pablo Catatumbo Torres, orders the seat of Santrichen to be granted to the House of Represantives by another of the FARC. The Court gave 48 hours to the Board of Directors of the House of Representatives to call Benedicto de Jesus González, second on the FARC list in the department of Atlántico (North), in order to occupy the Bank transitorily.

Un Tribunal Colombiano ordena dar el escaño de Santrich a otro de Farc, 12 December 2018, access at:

SON OF “LA GATA” COULD ENTER THE JEP: The Chamber of Juridical Situations Definition of the JEP assumed knowledge of the case Héctor Julio Alonso López, so his case will go through to Transitional Justice. Alonso López is the son of the entrepreneur Enilce López, aka la Gata. On him weighs a Judicial process by presumed nexuses with the blocks “Heroes of the Montes de María, Central Bolívar and North of the Self-defences United of Colombia, Auc”. However, the JEP decided to take cognizance of the case, which will be distributed and the judges will determine if they have jurisdiction or not to Judge him, as has happened with other parapolitics.

Hijo de la Gata podría entrar a la JEP: 12 December 2018, access at:

POLARIZATION OF THE JEP: Church says that polarisation affects national reconciliation. They ask that the ELN be included in peace agreements to guarantee the success of the process. Archbishop Henao stressed that it is important to strengthen the Human Rights policy in the country to maintain democracy and "human dignity", so that the atrocious events that have marked the history of Colombia are not repeated. The forum 'Perspectives of the two-year peace agreement of the signature' is divided into four parts. The first will make an analysis on the 'Territorial keys for implementation'; the second group will refer to the 'Opportunities in the agreement for the closure of the cycles of violence. The other two points of work will be centered on 'the Commitments of the final agreement in the National Development Plan', and finally the 'Main challenges for the implementation and the construction of a stable and lasting peace'. The forum is organized by the technical secretariat of Verification of the Peace Agreement composed of Cinep, Cerac and Kroc Institute, three expert organizations on issues of violence and conflict in Colombia.

Iglesia dice que polarización afecta la reconciliación Nacional, 13 December 2018; access at:


Para el Grupo Guernica, la labor desarrollada por el Sistema Integral de Verdad, Justicia, Reparación y No-Repetición de Colombia es esencial para implementar y consolidar el Acuerdo de Paz. Las víctimas del conflicto armado son el centro y la garantía de los esfuerzos por aclarar la verdad y obtener justicia por crímenes clave cometidos en el marco del conflicto armado, base imprescindible para construir una verdadera y duradera reconciliación. La Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz (JEP) tiene el potencial de desarrollar nuevos precedentes legales que puedan reconfigurar la justicia penal internacional y generar un legado fundamental en Latinoamérica.

Por todo ello, el Grupo Guernica publicará actualizaciones semanales sobre la Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz para expandir el alcance de la JEP y generar debate alrededor de los casos, los procesos judiciales y la regulación de sus diferentes salas. Los resúmenes de las noticias serán publicados tanto en inglés como en español, junto a links que enlazan a los artículos originales:


La presidenta de la JEP, Patricia Linares; la directora de la Unidad de Búsqueda de Personas Dadas por Desaparecidas, Luz Marina Monzón, y la Comisión de Esclarecimiento de la Verdad recibieron el jueves 13 de diciembre en Madrid el Premio Internacional Derechos Humanos 2018 de la Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de España. El galardón fue entregado a la magistrada Linares, la directora Monzón y el comisionado Carlos Beristain (a nombre de Francisco de Roux), en medio de una gran ovación del público, por parte de Carlos Castresana, fiscal del Tribunal Supremo de España y miembro directivo de la APDHE. Castresana alabó el Sistema de Verdad, Justicia, Reparación y No Repetición creado en Colombia y a las personas que han tenido el valor de abanderar sus instituciones. Así mismo, resaltó el enorme reto que tiene con un país en la que casi una cuarta parte de la sociedad ha sido víctima del conflicto armado. El fiscal Castresana destacó los avances de la JEP, que en solo 8 meses ya ha logrado el sometimiento de cerca de 10.000 ex integrantes de las Farc y 2.000 miembros de la fuerza pública. La presidenta de la JEP dijo que recibía el premio a nombre de los 38 magistrados de la Jurisdicción y manifestó que este reconocimiento afianza la responsabilidad del Sistema con las víctimas, con la sociedad colombiana y con la comunidad internacional que está respaldando el proceso. El premio es otorgado por la APDHE, una entidad laica, independiente y pluralista, fundada hace 42 años después del fallecimiento de Franco. Desde entonces la Apdhe ha trabajado con el objetivo de divulgar y promover los derechos humanos en España y el mundo. Este reconocimiento se suma al apoyo que en múltiples ocasiones el gobierno español ha manifestado frente al proceso de paz en Colombia y que ratificó hoy Juan Pablo de Laiglesia, Secretario de Estado de Cooperación Internacional para Iberoamérica y el Caribe, en el conversatorio El modelo de paz y justicia de Colombia, que tuvo lugar en horas de la mañana en la Casa de América, en Madrid, y que contó con la participación de los galardonados.

Informe despojo de tierra: la fundación Forjando Futuros entrega a la JEP informes "Desplazamiento, Abandono Forzado y Despojo de Tierras en Colombia" y "Empresas, Desplazamiento y Despojo de tierras en Colombia" sobre despojo de tierras en Colombia. Al menos 33 empresas, entre ellas Argos (Fiducor S.A.), Bancolombia y la estatal Ecopetrol, adquirieron tierras, obtuvieron concesión de títulos mineros o hipotecas sobre predios de víctimas del conflicto armado colombiano.

Presidenta de la JEP recibió Premio Internacional de la Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos en España; 13 December 2018, access at;ó-premio-internacional-de-la-Asociación-Pro-Derechos-Humanos-de-España.aspx


Cuatro organizaciones le entregaron un informe sobre la violencia que se vivió en esa región y en el Bajo Atrato. Aseguran que el despojo llegó a dos millones de hectáreas y reafirman sus señalamientos sobre alianzas entre militares, paramilitares y empresarios. En esas dos regiones hay campesinos a quienes les tocó vender cada hectárea (10.000 metros cuadrados) de tierra a 60 mil pesos. Lo hicieron amenazados por los paramilitares: “vende usted o vende la viuda”, les decían. Tras la entrada de las Autodefensas Campesinas de Córdoba y Urabá, el 20 de diciembre de 1996, miles abandonaron sus tierras.