Weekly Update from The Special Jurisdiction of Peace

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

08 February - 15 February 2019

For The Guernica Group, the work developed by the Integral System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and No Repetition (SIVJRNR) of Colombia is essential to carry out and consolidate the Peace Accord. Victims are the central pillar and the guarantee for the need to define the truth and ensure accountability for key episodes of violence committed during the armed conflict, as the basis of long-lasting reconciliation. The Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) has the potential to develop new legal precedents that could reshape the work of international criminal lawyers and generate a valuable legacy for the whole Latin American region.

Accordingly, The Guernica Group will provide weekly media updates from the Special Jurisdiction for Peace in order to expand the JEP’s outreach and generate debate around the cases, the judicial proceedings and the procedures of the different Chambers. The summary of the news will be published in both English and Spanish, and will include links to the relevant articles:

Timochenko appears before the JEP:

From Thursday, February 14 and until May 27, the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) will hear the versions of the 31 ex-guerrilla leaders concerning case 001. Rodrigo Londoño, known in the war as Timochenko, who for eight years was the head of the FARC guerrilla, is the first of the 31 former guerrilla leaders to give their voluntary version before the Truth Recognition Room of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace.

For 10 hours, Timochenko answered the questions of the six magistrates of the Recognition Room of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace about the kidnapping within the FARC over the last 30 years. Upon his departure from the judicial process, the ex-commander of the FARC insisted that this is the moment for peace in the country and that nothing could "shatter the agreement." "I feel that the effort and commitment that we made in Havana is bearing fruit and nobody here is going to tear it to shreds and if they break it, as I said, we will take every bit and rebuild it because there are many people in Colombia that are committed and pray for peace, and I will not disappoint them (...)”. This is one of the many audiences in which he will participate, contributing to the truth process.

Timochenko appears for the investigation of case 001, about illegal retentions of persons, homicides and forced disappearances by the FARC, that the Recognition Room opened in July 2018. The report is reserved.

To consult the dates of appearance of the former guerrilla commanders, see here: (aquí:)

To consult the order dated January 17, 2019 in which the JEP ordered the call for proceedings of voluntary versions to the 31 members of the former FARC staff, click here. (aquí)

El Espectador, "Timochenko appears before the JEP", February 13, 2019, available:

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BluRadio, "This agreement is not going to be ripped apart and if so, we will rebuild it: Timochenko", February 15, 2019, available at:

More than 300 former inmates of armed groups request to be heard at the JEP:

More than 300 inmates belonging to paramilitary groups, FARC, ELN and other armed groups sent a letter to the JEP, from the La Picota prison in Bogotá, requesting that they be taken into account in the justice process, alluding to the fact that "there are truths that are not yet known about the armed conflict in the country." Among the prisoners who have made such a request, are Gildardo Rodríguez, a drug trafficker in the Norte del Valle, known as the "man in the red shirt"; Héctor José Buitrago, founder and chief of the Self-Defense Forces of Casanare; and Juan Carlos Villa, or "Móvil 8," a paramilitary who would have participated in Operation Orión.

BluRadio, "Nearly 300 prisoners former members of armed groups requested a trail in the JEP", February 13, 2019, available at:

El Espectador, "From drug traffickers to accused of the bomb in Andino ask for a clue at the JEP", February 14, 2019, available at:

Details of the search for Hernán Darío Velásquez aka "El Paisa”:

At the beginning of February, a team of investigators from the Investigation and Accusation Unit of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace moved to Miravalle, in the North of Caquetá , in order to obtain information about the location of Hernán Darío Velásquez, also known as "El Paisa.

William Acosta, the ex lawyer of former guerrilla Hernán Darío Velázquez, has spoken with the media concerning the procedure carried out by the Prosecutor's Office of the JEP in Miravalle, Caquetá concerning what has been happening in the region; of the resources he has presented and the possibility that "El Paisa" has gone to dissidences. Specifically, Acosta has stated that the JEP has conducted several interviews to determine the location of "El Paisa" and its commitment to the reincorporation process. The lawyer has maintained that his client continues to contribute to the process, and that he will appear at the moment in which there will be legal and secure guarantees that he will return to the Territorial and Re-entry Space of Miravalle.

El Espectador, "Details of the diligence in search of Hernán Darío Velásquez alias" El Paisa " February 13, 2019, available at:

The Attorney General's Office denounces that the figures presented by the Single Victims' Registry on the recruitment of minors in the conflict are much lower than the actual figures:

The Attorney General's Office denounced omissions in the information on the recruitment of minors in the armed conflict, stating that the figures presented by the Single Victims Registry do not faithfully represent reality. According to the document of the Attorney General's Office, the register that the Special Jurisdiction for Peace is in possession of states the figure as being 7,583, however, according to the Attorney General's Office, the figure would be much higher considering the under-registration that exists in this field. Therefore, the Public Ministry has asked the JEP to prioritize cases involving minors "so that the truth is known, there is justice, reparation and no repetition for this victim of the armed conflict.”

BluRadio, "Attorney General denounces unrealistic figures on the recruitment of minors in the conflict", February 14, 2019, available at:

The Supreme Court of Justice definitively denies the possibility of the JEP reviewing the sentence against former congressman Álvaro García Romero, known as the 'Gordo' García:

The Criminal Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice has definitively denied the possibility that the JEP may review the sentence against former Congressman Álvaro García, known as the 'Gordo' García. In its decision, the Chamber has indicated that its decision is considered "res judicata" and that the creation of the JEP does not change that conclusion.

Álvaro García was sentenced to 40 years in prison in 2010, for his participation in the Macayepo massacre carried out by the Heroes de María Bloc of the Autodefensas from October 9 to 16, 2000.

Caracol Radio, "Court confirms that JEP can not review sentence against Álvaro García", February 14, 2019, available at:

The JEP receives the first report on the involvement of children and adolescents in the armed conflict:

On February 12, the Day of the Red Hands, the Chamber of Recognition of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace received the report "Childhood transgressed: children and adolescents in war", by the Coalition against the involvement of children and youth in the armed conflict in Colombia (COALICO ). This report gathers 5,410 records of relevant information on the human rights situation and its effects on children in the context of the armed conflict.

Guillermo Fernández Maldonado, Deputy Representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, who attended the event to deliver the report, said that "the delivery of this report to the JEP is a fundamental step to make visible and recognize the disproportionate impact suffered by children as a consequence of human rights violations and breaches of international humanitarian law that were the subject of the armed conflict. "

Jeroen Roodenburg, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Colombia, attended the delivery of the report and expressed the support of the Netherlands to the JEP: "We value the effort of the JEP and congratulate all its judges who are working with commitment and responsibility to that Colombia advances towards peace, guaranteeing the rights of the victims ".

For more information about the JEP, its operation, who can send reports and appear, as well as more information about the types of sanctions and macro open cases, click here (aquí.)

Special Jurisdiction for Peace, "JEP receives first report on the involvement of children and adolescents in the armed conflict" February 12, 2019, available at:,-ni%C3%B1as-y-adolescentes-en-el-conflicto-armado-.aspx

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, president of Germany, meets with the representatives of the Integral System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition, to discuss the implementation of the Peace Agreement:

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German president, plans to meet during his stay in Colombia with President Iván Duque, the Kogui indigenous community and the heads of the Integral System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition, with the purpose of reiterating their support for the Peace Agreement and the protection of the environment.

Thus, on February 12, the president of Germany met with Father Francisco de Roux, president of the Truth Commission; Patricia Linares, president of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, and Luz Marina Monzón, director of the Unit for Searching for Persons Disappeared. In this event, the President of Germany reiterated the support of his country to the work done by these three institutions.

El Espectador, "German reinforcement to implement peace", February 11, 2019, available at:

Congress establishes the Statutory Law of the JEP before the Presidency:

On February 7, the President of the House of Representatives, Alejandro Carlos Chacón, made some observations on the process of the initiative. These were accepted by the Head of the Upper House, Ernesto Macias and both signed the rule last Friday, February 8. Therefore, finally the Congress has filed, before the Presidency the statutory law of the Special Jurisdiction of Peace.

BluRadio, "Congress established the Statutory Law of the JEP before the Presidency", February 11, 2019, available at:

The Army gives the JEP information on the leadership of the FARC in the matter of kidnappings:

According to information provided by the media, the Army has handed over to the Investigation and Accusation Unit of the Special Justice for Peace, information relating to the members of the General Staff and Secretariat of the FARC-EP in the case of kidnappings investigated by the JEP. This information has come to light moments before the former guerrilla leaders of the FARC begin to give free versions before the Chamber of Recognition of Truth, Responsibility and Determination of facts and conduct for their alleged responsibility in cases of kidnappings occurred in the context of the armed conflict. In this case, more than 4,000 ex-combatants of the guerrillas would be involved, according to the JEP.

This information complements that provided by the Fundación País Libre, the National Historical Memory Center and the Attorney General's Office, which at the time revealed that the former guerrillas made profits of 3 billion pesos, as a result of the kidnapping of Colombians and foreigners.

Caracol Radio, "Army gave the JEP information on the leadership of the FARC on kidnapped", February 11, 2019, available at:

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The Ministry of Defense sends the intelligence information requested by the JEP about Hernán Darío Velásquez alias 'El Paisa':

The Minister of Defense, Guillermo Botero, has confirmed that during the first week of February, the Ministry of Defense sent to the JEP the information that had requested on the former head of the FARC Hernán Darío Velásquez, alias 'El Paisa'.

Diario del Cauca, "MinDefensa has already sent the JEP intelligence information requested about alias 'El Paisa'", February 11, 2019, available at: “

The FARC sends a letter to the UN alleging breaches of the peace agreement:

Through the head of the United Nations verification mission in Colombia, Carlos Ruiz Massieu the leader of the FARC party, sent a letter to the Security Council of the UN which shows the annoyance of the community for what they call "repeated breaches of the government" in terms of the implementation of peace agreements signed in Havana. The letter focuses mainly on three points: the National Development Plan, the Statutory Law of the JEP and the political environment in front of the dialogues with the ELN after the attack on the Santander General Police School.

BluRadio, "FARC sent letter to the UN for breaches of the peace agreement," February 11, 2019, available at:

BluRadio, "Letter from the FARC to the UN causes a new clash with the Government" 11 February 2019, available at:

The JEP visits the Indigenous Reservation of Pitayó:

Last Friday, February 8, the JEP visited the Indigenous Reservation of Pitayó, in the department of Cauca, to continue the work of articulation with the Special Indigenous Jurisdiction.

Special Jurisdiction for Peace, Official Twitter, February 8, 2019, available at:

EE UU confirms receipt of the letter requesting evidence from the "Santrich" case by the JEP:

The Office of Internal Affairs of the US Department of Justice has confirmed receipt of the letter from the Special Jurisdiction for Peace requesting the evidence in the extradition case of 'Jesús Santrich'. According to the media, Sabrina Mayor, an official of the Justice Department, would have been the person who confirmed receiving the letter.

It should be noted that the 20-day deadline to receive legal assistance as requested from the EU, in the case of Hernández Solarte, started on February 8 and will expire on March 7, 2019.

El País, "EE. UU already received letter with request for evidence of the case 'Santrich' ",

February 7, 2019, available at:


( 8 Febrero 2019 – 15 Febrero 2019)

Para el Grupo Guernica, la labor desarrollada por el Sistema Integral de Verdad, Justicia, Reparación y No-Repetición de Colombia es esencial para implementar y consolidar el Acuerdo de Paz. Las víctimas del conflicto armado son el centro y la garantía de los esfuerzos por aclarar la verdad y obtener justicia por crímenes clave cometidos en el marco del conflicto armado, base imprescindible para construir una verdadera y duradera reconciliación. La Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz (JEP) tiene el potencial de desarrollar nuevos precedentes legales que puedan reconfigurar la justicia penal internacional y generar un legado fundamental en Latinoamérica.

Por todo ello, el Grupo Guernica publicará actualizaciones semanales sobre la Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz para expandir el alcance de la JEP y generar debate alrededor de los casos, los procesos judiciales y la regulación de sus diferentes salas. Los resúmenes de las noticias serán publicados tanto en inglés como en español, junto a links que enlazan a los artículos originales:

Timochenko comparece ante la JEP:

Desde el jueves 14 de Febrero y hasta el próximo 27 de mayo, la Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz (JEP) oirá las versiones de los 31 ex-líderes guerrilleros sobre el macro caso 001. Rodrigo Londoño, conocido en la guerra como Timochenko, quien durante ocho años fue el jefe máximo de la guerrilla de las FARC, es el primero de los 31 exjefes guerrilleros en dar su versión voluntaria ante la Sala de Reconocimiento de Verdad de la Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz (JEP).

Durante 10 horas, Timochenko, respondió las preguntas de los seis magistrados de la Sala de Reconocimiento de la Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz sobre el secuestro al interior de las FARC en los últimos 30 años. A su salida de la diligencia judicial, el ex-comandante de las FARC insistió en que este es el momento de la paz en el país y que nada podrá "hacer trizas el Acuerdo". "Siento que el esfuerzo y el compromiso que hicimos en La Habana está dando frutos y aquí esto nadie lo va a hacer trizas y si lo hacen trizas, como dije alguna vez, cogeremos cada pedacito y lo reconstruiremos porque es mucha la gente que en Colombia está comprometida y se la está jugando por la paz, y tengan la plena seguridad que yo no los voy a defraudar (...). Esta es una de las tantas audiencias en que vamos a participar contribuyendo a la verdad", sostuvo.

Timochenko comparece por la investigación del caso 001, sobre retenciones ilegales de personas, homicidios y desapariciones forzadas por parte de las FARC, que la Sala de Reconocimiento abrió en julio de 2018. La diligencia es de carácter reservado.

Para consultar las fechas de comparecencia de los excomandantes guerrilleros, consulte aquí:

Para consultar el auto de fecha 17 de enero de 2019 en el que la JEP ordenó el llamamiento a diligencias de versiones voluntarias a los 31 miembros del Estado Mayor de las ex FARC, pulse aquí.

El Espectador, “Timochenko comparece ante la JEP”, 13 Febrero de 2019, disponible:

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